Where is your next role? (Pt 1)

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This is just one of the many ways you could decide on where you should head next in your career.

Look at the role/person who is giving you directions or who is deciding on what you should work on or how you should do your work. “How” will lead you into technical roles and “What” will lead you into business roles, You can get inspiration from either.

Benefits of doing this:

  1. You have a great opportunity to closely observe the person, their responsibilities and how they are acting in all the various scenarios.
  2. When you eventually take up the role, you have the biggest advantage of having experience in the role to whom you are giving directions. Empathy will come naturally, which is an essential leadership skill.

How you go about it:

  • This is a given. You have to first effectively & efficiently perform the functions and fulfil the roles & responsibilities of your current job.
  • Upskill yourself.
  • Discuss with the direct manager of your career interests.
  • Where possible, take up the additional responsibilities of the role you were seeking.
  • Request the manager to give you an opportunity to “shadow” the role for a day every month/week. If possible, act in the role for a day/week/month.
  • Keep a note of the times where you really appreciated the way they are doing their work. Especially keep a note of the things which you dislike and would have done differently if it were you.

And when the opportunity comes, your manager would be more than happy to recommend you and, everyone in the team will support you too.

Good Luck !!

This is not totally how I have done it.

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